The Eagles were motivated as usual. There was so much to look forward to. There was a chance to at least get 2 consecutive wins, a chance to move top and a chance to extend their unbeaten run of 5 games at home. In the heavy downpour that hit Mombasa City the match got underway. Several changes made to the starting line-up from our last league game with Okal, Malimo and Okumu starting in place of Mwinyi (ankle), Seif and Kalama(groin) who joined Banafa and Ouma on the bench.

Some good decisive passing cut Ziwani open and we went ahead. Kassim in goal started the
ball to Chichi and he found Okumu in mid-field. He then turned and sent a diagonal ground
pass on the Ziwani blind-side to Radoli who was sprinting down their left flank. He drove into
the box and with a cut-back found Amitta who couldn’t miss as he scored his first for the
season. 1-0 to Eagles

Ziwani came back strongly with the left winger causing problems. He got the better of
Abubakar and made a run into the box. A cut-back pass found their striker unmarked and he
placed the ball in the goal. The teams went into half time level at 1-1.
The rain kept drizzling as the second half started. Good but unproductive plays by Radoli and
Othieno on the flanks as their last pass wasn’t there. The scores didn’t remain the same for

A long pass from deep in the Ziwani half was overhit. Kassim came out to collect but a slip on
the now muddy pitch allowed their striker to get the ball, round the keeper and put the ball in
the empty goal. 2-1 to Ziwani Sportiff

Another attack on our goal resulted in a corner. A well delivered ball to the far post was met
by Ziwani Sportiff’s striker who couldn’t miss. Our keeper was on his knees having lost his
footing and slipped in the mud. 3-1 to Sportiff.

A late rally by the hosts saw several chances go begging. A good ball was delivered by Sebunya
from a foul into the opponent’s danger area which was met by Radoli to make it 3-2. The
fightback was now on. Some last-minute forays into the now retreated Ziwani side’s danger
area didn’t yield much with the last pass being a disappointment. 3-2 to Ziwani Sportiff was
the final score.

The ref brought the match to an end. Whatever we were looking forward to was in the mud.
Our chance to go top had slipped from our hands. The rain was now beating down in sync with
the visitors beating us 3-2.

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